Embrace Seasonal Veggies

Cauliflower, mushrooms and brussels sprouts are super easy to prepare and naturally abundant this time of year. Even better, they’re fortifying foods that help build stronger immunity, which is especially important during the flu-risk season.


Sip Herbal Teas

A great way to soothe your system is to swap out coffee and caffeinated teas for herbal infusions, especially those with anti-inflammatory properties that contain turmeric and ginger. Not only will they help keep your throat and sinuses healthy as the weather changes, they also help with sleep by cutting out unnecessary anxiety often caused by caffeinated or sugary drinks before bedtime.

Incorporate Healthier Grains

Quinoa, brown rice, and amaranth are great gluten-free grains to incorporate this time of year, so try swapping them for the usual white rice and potatoes. They’re even better if eaten with lots of green vegetables, which help your body to process them easier and keep blood sugar levels stable.