Overall, my experience with IF was relatively positive, but there were definitely some negatives.

Once I get over the initial stalking the clock, counting down to 11 AM mode, I was fine throughout the rest of the day and actually found myself making healthier food choices during my eating window over the last week of my IF trial.

On the negative side though, I’ve found skipping my typical 8 am breakfast difficult, since I’m used to eating granola first thing in the morning. I hoped the mental hunger would wear off after a couple weeks, and it did. By week 3 I had no problem waiting until 11 AM to eat my first meal.

Since my kids are home on weekends though, and I typically take on breakfast duty, doing IF is much more challenging on Saturdays and Sundays. Weekdays were definitely easier, since work keeps my mind busy, so my focus isn’t on watching the clock to break the fast while people around me are eating.

Truthfully, it’s been a positive experience in terms of the way I feel more clarity throughout my work day and am able to get more restful sleep, and my stress level is also much more manageable as well.

That said, I’ve decided to continue IF a while longer and see what happens!

Again, while my experience was relatively positive and I’ve decided to stick with it a while longer, Intermittent Fasting is not for everyone. If you have any health concerns or have struggled with eating disorders, this might not be a healthy option for you since deprivation in any form can often be triggering.  Please consult a doctor if you’re thinking about giving IF a try.