One of my personal goals this year has been to consistently get a good night’s sleep – something that’s easier said than done, especially if you have kids or struggle with insomnia like I do. I’ve had major issues getting a proper amount of sleep since I was pregnant with Narayan, but over the years, I’ve found ways to release the stress of the day as the night winds down, to help my mind and body rest.

Last year, I talked about Audible’s audiobooks being a great way to de-stress, and since then, they’ve become a regular part of my nightly routine to help with my insomnia as well. One of our family rules is to turn off TV’s and computers about an hour before bedtime, so if I’m not reading Narayan a book, you’ll find me curled up in bed (usually with Kingston by my side!) listening to an audiobook, drinking chamomile tea.

I’ve found audiobooks are the perfect way to tune out the day until I’m able to drift off – kind of like an adult version of a bedtime story! Right now, I’m listening to Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, narrated by Claire Danes. It tells the story of an alternate reality where women have no rights, and some women, including the main character, are only kept around to help people in power reproduce. It’s equally upsetting, yet fascinating and I highly recommend it! (The book is also slated to launch as a Hulu TV series on April 27th, so I’m really excited to finish the book so I can compare it to the series).

I’ll be sharing the audiobook I’m listening to each month here on the blog, in partnership with Audible. Right now you can get a free 30-day trial here

Stay tuned for the next post in May, where I’ll discuss The Handmaid’s Tale and share the next audiobook on my playlist. Happy listening!

How I Unwind at the End of the Day via @GirlwithCurves

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