Dear Diary,

Growing up in a family of tall, slim, glamorous women all with long hair. I had the (mis)fortune of being stocky, short and with short curly hair. I was labelled at a young age as the ‘other sister’. All of my life I was compared to my other two sisters and mother. Why couldn’t I be like them? And being reminded that I would have to rely on my wit and charm because I am so ‘looks challenged’ that no man would want me. (Thanks Dad).  

After a lot of therapy and training I have lost the excess weight. I was getting used to looking in the mirror and no longer seeing the ‘fat girl’. I look back at photos and realize that I was never fat or indeed ugly. I just looked different to the rest of them. I thought I had conquered my issues. 

But recently, Diary, my younger sister got engaged and I was informed that I needed to buy a black tie dress. I ended up crying in the change rooms because I couldn’t fit into one dress. All the old issues came back and I was reminding myself looking in the mirror that here I am again going without a partner to yet another event.  

Does the struggle ever end? Or will I just have to develop a thicker skin? 

The Other Sister



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