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If you remember this post from Halloween, you know Narayan is obsessed with Mickey Mouse…and if follow me on instagram or facebook, you probably saw some of the images I shared during our trip to Disneyland last weekend. I bravely took Narayan without Dave and spent some family time with my mom, sisters and nieces, as well as my bestie and her son.

I say bravely, because this was the first time I traveled alone with my child who’s officially entered the terrible two’s (insert hands over eyes emoji). Although there were some really stressful moments- like when Narayan threw a fit out of frustration waiting for the parade and his stroller flipped over, and when he bolted through a crowd of people after sneaking his way out of his stroller, he didn’t get hurt, I didn’t have an actual panic attack, and we had a blast. Best of all, my fellow mama’s know that seeing the look of amazement and happiness on your child’s face, far outweighs every single insane, stressful mommy moment!