Even on nights when I do get enough sleep, sometimes I look in the mirror in the morning and think, “Wow, I look so tired!” (If you have young kids like I do, you can probably sympathize with that feeling.)

Thankfully, a few quick adjustments to your beauty routine can save the day.  These easy tricks can instantly open your eyes and brighten your complexion in minutes – and all before your first cup of coffee.


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Strategize Your Lip Color

The color of lipstick you apply can impact how refreshed your skin and eyes appear, so stay away from shades that have purple, gray, or white undertones, which can make you look washed out. Instead, opt for a shade that enhances your natural skin tone – one shade darker than your natural lip color is best, but certain shades of pink and reds on the orange end of the spectrum can perk up your other features, too.


One Word: Base

Before you put on your makeup in the morning, use an exfoliating cleanser to revitalize your skin and apply a skin renewing moisturizer to lock in the natural glow. It’s a quick and easy trick that helps set the stage for more luminous skin throughout the day.


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Brighten Your Eyes

Even if you don’t wear eye makeup, white eyeliner along the bottom inner lash line (also called the waterline) can instantly make your eyes look wider and brighter. I always carry white liner in my makeup bag for this purpose (as well as these other cool tricks).

Featured Eyeliner:


Mist Your Face

Spritzing on a little facial mist is a great way to maintain a healthy and well-rested complexion throughout the day, as it’s light enough to be applied periodically without getting greasy or messing up your makeup. I like to carry a small bottle of it in my bag (especially when I travel!) to revive my skin if it’s looking dull.


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Pre-Hydrate Your Skin

What you do at night impacts how your skin looks the next day, so give your skin a moisture infusion by putting on a thin layer of night cream or facial oil before you go to sleep. If you know ahead of time that you’ll be getting little shuteye (for example, if you’re attending a late party or have a baby to nurse), add a de-puffing eye serum to your nightly routine so you wake up with eyes that have been pre-hydrated before the day even starts.