Every season brings new fashion trends. And though you’ll likely want to snag a few key pieces to keep your look current, you’d probably go broke if you tried to keep up with every single trend! The good news is, you can keep your rotation fresh with a few simple shifts to your mindset about shopping. Here are a few of the rules I live by when it comes to keeping my wardrobe current – they’ll save you time and money without sacrificing style.

1. Not All Trends Are Must-Haves
Before you start shopping, remember that not all trends are must-haves, and what may be a must-have for someone else might not necessarily be a must-have for you. Do some window shopping and try a few trend pieces on, then go back to your closet and assess what you have before actually investing in something new. Only buy the trend pieces that truly make you excited when you try them on, and that you can envision wearing way into the future.
2. Hold onto Your Classics

Though you may be tempted to toss that extra blazer or button-down, figure out whether you can revamp it to feel more current before you send it to the donations pile. Classics are called classics for a reason: they always come back in style. So unless you don’t fit into the piece anymore or you really can’t reimagine it as a part of your current look, hold onto it. 
3. Figure Out Your Core Pieces
What are the pieces you constantly wear on repeat? Chances are, they’re the ones you feel truly comfortable in, and can easily be worn with an array of trendier items. When you shop, only buy new pieces that complement your core pieces because that guarantees you’ll actually wear them regularly.
4. Build a Solid Foundation
If you don’t have a set of core pieces, start there when you shop. Some core pieces I frequently turn to are crisp button-down shirts, a great pair of jeans, a versatile shirt dress, a casual blazer, and an A-line skirt that pairs with everything. From there, I can add must-have trend items as they come along.
5. Invest in a Tailor
Having a good tailor on call will change your life! Before you splurge on a new outfit, take a look at the items you already have and figure out whether you can rework them with a tailor to fit your current tastes. It’s amazing what a slightly different hem or waistline adjustment can do.