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Bridesmaid Dress

My cousin is marrying the love of her life in a boho-chic garden ceremony under the stars this August, and as the stylist of the family, she put me in charge of finding the bridesmaid dresses!  The wedding party consists of myself, my four younger sisters and some of our cousins- all of which have very different body types, heights, and sizes. 

It’s hard enough finding a dress that looks great in pictures, that everyone will feel beautiful and confident in, let alone one that will complement everyone’s body type and personal style. Faced with this daunting task, I’ve made it my mission to find dresses in the same color and fabric that come in different styles, so each bridesmaid can choose the style she feels best in.

In my search to find a local boutique, I was really excited when I came across Bella Bridesmaids. They have a great selection of dresses from traditional to modern, and being able to go in store and try on options with my sister who’s the exact opposite of me- average in height with a petite frame, made it much easier to find exactly what I was looking for!

These are some images from our recent appointment at the San Francisco showroom, where the stylists were informed of our sizes, heights and what I was looking for ahead of time. Walking into the appointment, they had some amazing options for us to try and the three styles I narrowed it down to were the blush chiffon maxi I’m wearing, the nude chiffon maxi Jazmen’s wearing, and the multi-way dress we both tried. They all had their own unique features we liked, but the one Jazmen and I both fell in love with was the multi-way dress that’s universally flattering on every body type with it’s A-line silhouette and customizable wrap top. The dress comes in several colors, and I’m leaning towards a rose shade of pink that will look great in the evening light, paired with the flower crowns we’re making. (I also love that I can see myself wearing this outside of being a bridesmaid, the dress is so versatile).

Bridesmaid Dress


Undergarments | Taking the right undergarments to your try-on appointment will help you get the most out of the experience, by giving you a clear picture of how the dress fits. I recommend taking a regular bra, a strapless and a multi-way bra that matches your skin tone, so you’re prepared to try on several styles during your appointment. Also, don’t shy away from bringing your entire shapewear collection! Shapewear is typically necessary under any dress, no matter what size you are- it smoothes everything out and prevents panty lines from showing through delicate or clingy fabrics.

Accessories & Shoes | Bring similar shoes and accessories you plan to wear the day of the wedding. It helps to see the dress fully styled versus trying it on without shoes or accessories.

Hair & Makeup | I recommend trying on dresses with your everyday makeup on, in order to get an idea of how the color looks against your skin and hair without heavy makeup interference. You also want to be careful not to stain dresses with bold lipstick or heavy foundation. Keeping your hair the way you plan on wearing it the day of the wedding also helps in making final dress decisions, seeing how it looks with your hair swept up off your shoulders, in a top knot or falling loose and natural.

Make It Fun | Bella Bridesmaids has 48 showrooms around the US– mostly located in areas near restaurants, so making the appointment part of a girl’s day out by having brunch beforehand or dinner afterwards adds to the fun and excitement of the experience.

Be Honest | If the stylist or bride prefers a dress you aren’t comfortable wearing, talk to her about it. Chances are, she’ll hear you out and come up with a plan to make you feel comfortable enough to want to participate in the wedding. Explain that being asked to be a bridesmaid is a special honor, but it’s important that you feel confident and amazing in the dress you’re wearing, so the pictures turn out wonderful. (Trust me, no bride wants a frowning bridesmaid in pictures that last a lifetime)!

Thanks to Bella Bridesmaids for sponsoring this post.