If there’s one beauty product I rarely leave home without, it’s lipstick. Why? It’s the easiest way to quickly add another layer to your entire look – all without changing your clothes! Changing up your pout immediately alters the vibe of whatever you’re wearing. You could choose a bold red or berry lip to make a simple outfit feel a bit more elevated, or a shock of pink to make a more subdued ensemble feel fresh and fun.

This fall, a wave of new lip colors graced the runways and I can’t wait to try them all. Here’s a breakdown of the season’s top trends according to personal style and mood. 

3 Best Lipstick Trends For Fall @GirlWithCurves #beauty #makeup #lipstick #fall #plum #nude
Fresh Face Beauty

If your personal style is more soft and feminine, trade in your usual pink lipstick for a sheer rose or coral that’s just a shade darker than your skin tone. Blush tones instantly add life to all your other features and look great with a bare face or as a complement to smoky or wing-tipped retro eyes. Try this lip with your everyday basics, like button-downs and jeans, or as a way to give a more formal look a sense of low-key elegance.

Featured Lip Color: MAC Love Lorn


Natural Beauty
Fuss-free makeup kind of gal? This season, the matte nude lip is making a comeback from its ‘90s glory and gives the perfect amount of polish to a bare face, with or without eye makeup. Because it’s so neutral, the matte nude lip also looks great paired with things that are bold, whether it’s bold brows or a monochrome outfit in a solid, bold color.


3 Best Lipstick Trends For Fall @GirlWithCurves #beauty #makeup #lipstick #fall #plum #nude
On-Trend Beauty

Think of rich berry, deep purple, and blackened plum as your new alternatives to classic red lipstick. They go with everything and look great on everyone, even if they are a bit edgier than other shades. Try wearing it with a basic black turtleneck and jeans for a chic ’90s vibe, or to offset a bright floral dress or top.

Featured Lip Color: MAC Rebel