1. Prioritize Self-Confidence
At almost 37, I know that how I feel about myself both mentally and physically sets the energy for how everything else in my life plays out. While some people are born naturally confident, the rest of us (myself included) need to work on it daily, and that's perfectly okay! This year I plan to focus even more on my mental self-confidence vs. strictly body confidence. I truly believe that feeling good from the inside out is the key to achieving complete confidence and this is the year I plan to get there!  Here are some tips for boosting your overall confidence.
2. Make Healthier Food Choices
A couple of weeks ago as my pregnancy was coming to an end, I had a serious mental breakthrough when it comes to food and what I eat. I realized that although I don't eat fast food or drink soda like I did in my teens and twenties, I order take-out from restaurants daily (I'm probably Door Dash's #1 customer, no kidding!) I rarely eat fruit or vegetables and I don't snack. In the midst of planning how I was going to lose the 30 pound baby weight I'd gained and get back on track with my workouts after I gave birth to my daughter, Dave challenged me to change my perspective. He recommended we do research on how to fuel our bodies, focusing on how certain foods make us feel vs. counting calories and focusing on shedding weight, and it's opened my mind immensely! I immediately started incorporating more fruits and vegetables into my meals, we're cooking at home much more than ordering out and I can't wait to get back in the gym with my trainer to strength train!
3. Separate Business Hours from After Hours
Separating work hours and after hours has been a challenge of mine since I started Girl With Curves back in 2011, and this year I'm really going to make an effort to conquer this. I'm a workaholic, which often upsets my loved one's because I can be present in body but not mentally present. If you're like me, do your best to close your lap-top, put your phone down and spend quality time with your loved one's after hours - work can wait. 
4. Take 10 Minutes to Focus on Yourself Everyday
Growing up, I saw my mom constantly doing things for other people and I swore I wouldn't become her, but guess what, I totally have! As life partners and moms, mot to mention the many other hats we wear, it can be really hard to find time to do anything for yourself. Taking just 10 minutes each day to do something you love, even it's curling up with your favorite magazine, makes all the difference in the world for your mental state. I plan to make the constant effort to put this into practice over the coming year.
Stretch Your Wardrobe
Much like the spring cleaning frenzy, I get the urge to purge everything from my closet at the beginning of the year and start fresh. But before I get rid of everything or start replacing old items with new ones, I reference this list of tips on refreshing my wardrobe without spending a penny, making an effort to rework things in different ways, exhausting any and all layering possibilities and more. I'll definitely be putting this into action throughout the year as each season changes and I have the urge to purge.