I typically devote each season to refreshing decor details in my home (which was in full-effect this past year while I was in nesting mode!), and doing this for the New Year is no exception.  This year though, I have even more reason to dive into an office space revamp – we finally found an office space and I can’t wait to make it fully functional!

Even if you’re not working with a brand-new space, now is a good time to reassess your current workspace and make sure everything in it has a purpose and makes you feel energized when you’re at work. Doing a thorough clean-out and redesign is great if you have the time and budget, but even a few quick décor updates can make your space feel refreshed and more functional without having to do an entire overhaul. And trust me, a fresh start to a new year is the perfect time!

Here are a few easy tips I’ve been keeping in mind as we plan on putting our office together. Hopefully, they can help you get your own workspace in a more productive place and help start your 2018 off strong!

5 Inexpensive Ways To Refresh Your Workspace via @GirlwithCurves #decor #workspace #officespace #officedecor #office
1. Bring the Outdoors, Indoors

Dave was against having plants in our home up until this year when he saw how they could really transform a room, so we're now on the hunt for office plants. Adding some greenery to your workspace is a nice way to incorporate a hint of color (and life!) without overwhelming even the smallest of spaces.

2. Rethink Furniture Placement
Most people find one way to place furniture in a room and leave it that way forever. But you can instantly update your space in a matter of minutes by trying a slightly-out-of-the-box floor plan! For example, try putting your desk in the center of the room or rearranging it to face a window vs. having your back to the natural light. The newness this creates is invigorating and you'll find yourself inspired to return to your workspace with a fresh floor plan and perspective.
5 Inexpensive Ways To Refresh Your Workspace via @GirlwithCurves #decor #workspace #officespace #officedecor #office
3. Add a New Statement Piece (or Two)

A new accent piece, like a cute statue on your desk if you don't have a wall to decorate, is another easy way to add a visual pop to your workspace. I have 2 ceramic bulldogs on my desk that remind me of Kingston - they make me smile every time I sit down to work! Have a little more budget? Try a pair of design-forward chairs in your office or a statement rug.

4. Clear the Clutter
Even if you’re just updating your desk, you can make a big improvement with a few quick organizational changes! Get creative with your file folders and boxes, swap out your office supply organizers and think outside the box about where you store things. I plan to keep supplies like scissors, a stapler, pens, pencils, etc. in a gold basket vs. a desk drawer.
5 Inexpensive Ways To Refresh Your Workspace via @GirlwithCurves #decor #workspace #officespace #officedecor #office
5. Add Some Art

You can get amazing wall art and photography for a really affordable price or make your own by printing some favorite vacation photos out in large-scale. Better yet, ask your kids or nieces and nephews to make some bright colored drawings you can hang in frames or place on your desk for a professional looking finish.

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