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31188066871_32f07d3199_b Girl With Curves blogger Tanesha Awasthi shares weekend moments with her son, Narayan.

Most week nights and weekends, you’ll find Narayan and I in the kitchen baking, especially during the holidays. Dave and I take turns with breakfast, lunch and dinner, but Narayan and I always have dessert covered. Ever since he was really young, Narayan’s been fascinated with cooking, but baking’s been his fave activity since he could climb up on the counter and help! Watching his eyes light up as he mixes in the chocolate chips, helps decorate cookies or repeatedly asks me “cookies are done mama?!” is something I’ll never get enough of.

But of course, with the fun times come the mishaps and accidents, so I can’t stress the importance of having the right first aid supplies around the kitchen. I typically spend a lot of time around the stove and oven during the last two weeks of December, preparing everything from baked mac and cheese to our family’s fave chocolate chip cookies for holiday gatherings, so burns are bound to happen. Luckily we always have our Neosporin Ointment handy, along with Band-Aid bandages. Right now I’m loving Oh Joy! Band-Aid bandages in colorful prints and fun sayings- they’re perfect for healing cooking cuts and oven burns for both kids and adults!