1. Organize your closet

I do this almost weekly! It helps remind me what I have, so I think twice before buying something new. Plus, holding each item in your hands helps you reconnect with it and will possibly spark some inspiration for new ways to wear it (hello, Marie Kondo!).

2. Challenge yourself

Specifically, with pieces you don’t wear enough, but can’t find it in your heart to get rid of. Is there a new way you can style that sweater or dress? Could you try layering some of your tops in a new way? If you can’t get excited about a piece anymore, that’s totally fine, too — I recommend donating it so you can pass it along to someone who will wear it, then make room in your own closet for something new.

3. Start pinning

This is my fave way to get some inspo. When I’m stuck in a rut with a specific piece in my closet, I start pinning looks on Pinterest. There are infinite fashion ideas at your fingertips, so take a look to see if you can see any of your existing pieces in a new, refreshed way.

4. Ban yourself from shopping

Temporarily, at least. Give yourself a set timeframe to go through your existing wardrobe and put the things you already have to good use. Once you’ve decided what to keep and what to donate or recycle, then give yourself permission to buy something new. It will make each purchase feel more impactful — and hopefully will mean you’ll put it to use!

image via pinterest