I’m not sure when sexy became equated with showing skin, but it should go without saying that you do not have to bare all to be considered powerful, desirable or beautiful. I actually think that dressing modestly is sexy in its own way, as it allows you to draw more attention to features you want to show off, without the distraction of skin that’s exposed. 

That being said, a lot of spring and summer trends put an emphasis on showing more skin since the weather’s warming up, but what do you do if you prefer to dress modestly and still want to wear those pieces?

Here are a few styling tricks that allow you to do both:

How to Dress Modestly and Stylish via @GirlWithCurves #style #tips #fashion

Crop tops are quickly becoming a warm weather staple, and given how many cute ones are out there, I’ve found a solve that conceals my midriff yet lets me rock the trend! Pair crop tops with a high-waist skirt, shorts or pants that meet with the bottom hem of the top you’re wearing. You get the same look, without the exposed skin.

How To Dress Modestly And Stylish Via @GirlWithCurves #style #tips #fashion

Think like a ‘50s screen siren — choose a bikini with a modestly-cut, high-waist bottom! To top off your look, wear a kimono over it like I typically do, a sheer caftan or beach dress. You’ll feel cool in hot weather and remain modestly covered up — not to mention, you’ll look totally fabulous and vintage-inspired cuts look especially flattering on a girl with curves!

How to Dress Modestly and Stylish via @GirlWithCurves #style #tips #fashion

While tube dresses are incredibly pretty, I'm not a fan of showing so much skin. My solution? Find the right top to layer underneath! Clingy fabrics work best, as they create the illusion of being part of the actual dress.

How to Dress Modestly and Stylish via @GirlWithCurves #style #tips #fashion

We've all seen the naked trend make its way down the runway and onto the red carpet, but it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. However, I do love the feminine qualities of lace and other sheer fabrics, so I’ve found a more modest way to wear them: As a skirt, with a nude underlay that gives the see-through illusion without actually revealing anything. For tops, add a nude tone camisole underneath.