I’m packing up my house for a move today, including my closet, literally as most of you are reading this! We’ve lived in our current home for almost 3 years, and while I do small closet clean-outs on occasion (selling off lots of things through my username: taneshagwc poshmark recently!), I haven’t done a proper overhaul in a very long time, so having the chance to purge my closet after so long is very exciting!
Now that I have the chance to do a full-on closet cleanse, I thought it was the opportunity to share my tips with you all! Right now, I’m taking a closer look at what I have, to see if I’m truly using it all — or if I’m holding onto things “just in case.” I’ll be honest, I’m definitely at risk (and guilty) of doing that a lot, so I’m relieved to be addressing this before a move.
Here are the 5 rules I always apply as I clean-out my closet:
Things That Don’t Fit
It seems obvious that you’d only want things that truly fit in your closet, but we often hold onto things that we loved at one point, or that we hope to wear in the future, even though they don’t really fit our current shape or style. My advice? Get rid of them — it’ll free up space for something new to come along!
Of course you want to support your favorite charity, or remember a great time you had at an event. But unless you really love and wear the free t-shirts, hats, and tote bags they may have given you, donate them to someone who truly needs those items, like your local shelter.
Old Undies and PJs
In my book, getting rid of old undies and pajamas is a form of self-care — and we deserve the best! Toss any oldies to make room for well-made undergarments and sleepwear that make you feel confident and beautiful. It’s a small investment that serves as a daily reminder that you’re worth it.
I, like you, love a great pair of shoes (especially when you have a foot as big as mine!). But the thing about shoes is, they’re sometimes uncomfortable and after a while, even the great ones wear out. Now’s the time to take stock of which ones you’ve been avoiding wearing because they’re too tight in the toes or rub your heels the wrong way. Toss those — then spend time repairing and polishing the pairs you truly wear and love.
Anything You Haven’t Worn in 6 Months
It’s a rule everyone seems to know, but most people have a hard time following. Unless it’s a very specific seasonal item you couldn’t wear due to weather for the last six months, like that perfect summer dress or rain boots, get rid of anything that’s just hanging around your closet collecting dust. Chances are, your style has changed since you last wore it, and besides — there are new trends to try. MAKE ROOM!