Continuing my partnership with Skintimate® Shave Gel, I’m sharing my tops tips for summer ready legs. A couple months back, I shared my tips for getting perfectly smooth legs for spring, but even if you follow all the steps there, that’s actually only half the battle – you also need to keep your legs hydrated once the seasons change.

My legs tend to dry out really easily during the summer due to dry heat and dips in the pool, even if I frequently apply lotion or oil to them. I’ve found the following tricks really make a difference for maintaining silkiness after you’ve mastered the perfect shave, especially when they’re combined with the shaving routine I shared before.


Your moisturizer (aka lotion) can’t do its job if it has a bunch of dead skin to get through first. That’s why it’s important to exfoliate every week or so to remove any debris that may congest your hair follicles and pores. Note: It’s best to do this between shaves, otherwise you may aggravate delicate skin.


A key tip from my own personal Hair Removal 101: Don’t skip the shave gel! The gel foams into a rich, creamy lather that helps the razor glide over your skin without nicking for a close comfortable shave. It’s also a good way to track where you’ve already shaved and where you haven’t so you never miss a spot. Certain formulas can also help battle dry skin, like Skintimate® Dry Skin Shave Gel, which is a favorite in my shower routine. It’s a moisture-rich, lotion-like gel with lanolin, olive butter, and Vitamin E that helps prevent razor irritation and replenish your skin’s natural moisture every time you use it, which is especially useful during summer months because it’s ultra hydrating.


For truly hydrated skin, it’s essential to drink at least eight, 8-ounce glasses of water daily. Not only will it help with your overall health and energy levels, it’ll help your body clear out toxins that can lead to irritation, ingrown hairs, and keep your skin cells plump and moisturized.


I’m a stickler for sun care and sadly, a quick swipe of sunscreen on your face in the morning just isn’t enough. Even if you’re not lying on a beach all day, it’s important to apply sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or greater to every part of exposed skin if you’re headed outdoors – and that includes your legs. Smooth it on thoroughly and pay attention to the label to make sure you reapply at the proper intervals. You may not notice your skin burning, but even mild overexposure can lead to damage and dryness.


If you forgot to do step #4 above (it happens!) and you notice some redness, reach for a super-soothing cooling gel with botanicals that fights inflammation and fortifies your skin against peeling if it’s headed in that direction. Don’t get discouraged – just be kind to your skin while it heals, then go back to this hydration routine ASAP.

Cheers to being beach ready all summer, from head to toe!

5 Tips for Summer Ready Legs via @GirlWithCurves
5 Tips for Summer Ready Legs via @GirlWithCurves



Bikini Top: H&M (size up 2 sizes, I’m wearing 18)

Bikini Bottom: Swimsuitsforall (wearing 16)

Dress: old Asos, similar here

Shoes: Hinge, similar here under $30

Hat: old Forever21, similar here

Bag: Cult Gaia

Earrings: Cristabelle

Bangles: old Ralph Lauren + Pandora, similar here

Sunglasses: MaxMara

Lipstick: MAC Neon Orange