Avoid Over-Tweezing

Natural looking brows have come back into the mainstream over the past few years, but if you shape yours like I do, it’s important to avoid over-tweezing. As I mentioned before, sometimes complete hair removal can lead to improper regrowt, or no regrowth at all! So when it comes to your brows, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Stick to tweezing small hairs that have been removed before and continue to regrow, instead of plucking virgin hairs, if you can. (However, if you have over-tweezed, don’t fret — you can still get awesome brows with the tips below, or try micro-blading like I did!)

Don't Be Afraid to Enhance

Whether it’s completely filling in your eyebrows or just filling in sparse areas like I did for years before getting my brows micro-bladed last year, there’s nothing wrong with using a gel, pencil, or powder to amp up your arches. These products also allow you to experiment with different brow shapes without tweezing or waxing. For example, try elongating the outer edges or making your brows thicker to see how it changes your look. If you don’t like it, you can just wipe it off and start over again.

Try a Professional

Some people hesitate when it comes to going to a professional for threading or waxing due to higher price or the fear that a new process will hurt, but it’s actually completely worth it, in my opinion. Threading, waxing, and micro-blading all have different effects on your brow quality and hair growth, so it’s useful to see which works best for your look and skin type. A professional can also give you tips on brow shape and grooming that you can use between visits, at home.

Embrace Going Au Naturel

While thinner ‘90s brows are slowly starting to make an appearance again, natural brows will never go out of style. Another benefit of going au naturel at least once? You’ll see where your natural brow lines currently are and can use them as a guide in the future.