Dear Diary,

You’re probably thinking….Girl! What are you talking about?! Let me explain my madness. 

I’ve been skinny, fat, and as we speak obese. Lately, my attitude about eating has been “screw it I’m going to eat what I want and be happy.” Although I am “happy” I feel miserable because of the way I look. My dear hubby loves me in any shape or form but I am sure he would appreciate a sexy looking wife. Yet, when I “try” to eat better I am miserable, but feel happy because of how I look and feel health wise.

I can’t seem to find that happy medium!! I want to just embrace myself for what I am but something in the inside just doesn’t want to accept the fact that I am fat!  At the same time I don’t have the drive to lose weight. I need that empowerment to either accept what I am or change to find a new me. 

Am I alone on this? Do others face this madness everyday? 


Emotionally Confused


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