Dear Diary,

It’s been a rough week. Okay, I lied. It’s been a rough decade but who’s counting? This week, on top of my own problems and insecurities, has proven to be extra challenging. My husband was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer. They told him last week and just like that his whole world has unfolded in front of his eyes… and part of that world includes his “favorite” son if we want to be completely honest. And if we want to continue with that honesty, I wouldn’t exactly grant him the dad of the year award, yesterday, today or any day.

When I’m sad, I cry. I vent. I get, well, sad. I tell the people I love and ask for their consolations. When he’s sad, he gets angry. And mean. Is it wrong to be frustrated….pissed off….that killing him with kindness just isn’t working here? How do I play the supportive loving wife role when apparently I’m not good at anything anymore simply because he’s upset? This is week one…

What happens next week and the week after that?


Eternally Sad 



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