I love the feeling of well-made leggings that have sturdy construction that hold me in. Not only do they offer a streamlined silhouette, they also last longer, don’t slip down my hips and require constantly pulling them back up as I’m exercising, and aren’t see-through when I bend over. This season, I’m also loving visually slimming color blocks and winter-inspired color palettes as alternatives to basic black. For the days when I want a more relaxed feel, I opt for joggers that are lightweight and moisture-wicking, so I don’t overheat during my workout.
I always look for workout essentials that can be worn in and out of the gym, and tops are a great place to start. Dressing in layers is also key, so I’ve had my eye on some tank tops with unique straps and sleek cover-ups to wear after my workout, so I can go from the gym to running errands without having to do an entire wardrobe change.
With a fuller bust line, having extra support up top is key! The good news is, there are so many great sports bras out there that are functional and stylish. Choose one with a cool print or pop of color for a stylish accent peeking out of your workout tank.
Having a stylish bag for your workout gear is another great motivator, whether it’s a zip-top tote, backpack or duffle. Look for cool textures and tones that work with your everyday wardrobe, too — that way, the bag can be used for other purposes, like work or travel.
Since sneakers can be expensive, I always look for pairs that are fashionable enough to wear with my everyday wardrobe, too. An easy DIY alternative if you have a pair that you already love? Just swap out the laces and replace with a colorful or contrasting color that complements your new workout gear!