I’m constantly thinking of ways to make my wardrobe more versatile using pieces I already have.

My plan of action is always to get creative and try new pairings that may not be immediately obvious. If you have any hesitation about trying new looks that are a little out of your comfort zone, which is totally understandable, just set aside some time to test drive every outfit at home when you don’t have anywhere to go—that way, you won’t have any last-minute cold feet about a new look right before you head out the door.

Ready to max out your closet? Here are 5 quick styling hacks you can try now—no additional budget required!

Pro Styling Tricks That Instantly Make Your Wardrobe Twice As Big Via Girl With Curves #hack #tips #styling #tricks
Wear a Peplum Under a Puffer

For those of you who are still dealing with snow and low temps, finding new ways to style your winter wardrobe will come in handy right now. One of my favorite styling tricks is to wear a frilly top, like a peplum top, under a warm, cozy puffer and let the frilled hem peek out. It’s an easy way to turn an everyday layer into a fashionable look.

Girl With Curves with double belted hack #hack #tips #styling #tricks
Double Belt Dresses and Longline Tops

Most people don’t think of double belting as a styling option, but double belts are really on trend this year, and creating your own is a chic way to sculpt your silhouette that doesn’t cost extra money or require you to wear shape wear or a corset (not to mention it looks really cool). All you need are two belts of similar width, one worn with the clasp to the back and the other worn to the front, as you usually would. Loop the ends through and voilá! You have a one-of-a-kind accessory that instantly adds interest to any dress or longer length top, and you didn't have to spend a penny.

Turn Coats into Dresses Via Girl With Curves #hack #tips #styling #tricks
Turn Coats into Dresses

Tying the sash on a figure-hugging coat is a great way to make it instantly look like a dress! Button it all the way down or overlap the front lapels, cinch, and wear a basic tank dress or slip underneath, in case it the wind blows the hem open.

Girl With Curves Giving Basic Sweaters New Life#hack #tips #styling #tricks
Give Tops a Professional Makeover

Back when I worked in an office, I constantly challenged myself to find new ways to wear everything in my closet, including frilly blouses. One of my favorite versatility tricks? Wearing a feminine blouse under a basic pullover. The added detail adds just enough polish to make the look fresh, professional, and unique.

Rethink Flowy Dresses Via Girl With Curves #hack #tips #styling #tricks
Rethink Flowy Dresses

While I love the comfortable feeling of flowy dresses, they can sometimes be a bit too voluminous or unstructured for my taste. One huge benefit of the billowy shape, however, is you can easily re-shape it with a belt or sash.