No matter what your body shape, accentuating your waistline is a quick way to add svelteness to any look — not to mention it’s a great way to show off and celebrate your curves!

Even if you don’t have a traditional “hourglass” shape, there are simple styling tricks you can use to visually draw in your waistline and streamline your overall look. Here are three of my favorites, all of which are comfortable to wear and easy to pull off.


3 Styling Tricks That Show Off Your Waistline via @GirlWithCurves #style #fashion #stylingtips
Double Belt Your Look

The most obvious way to add instant structure to your waistline is to add a belt — but for added visual interest, I say layer on two! A bit like an external corset, it instantly draws in your waistline and cleans up the overall lines of an otherwise shapeless dress or shirt. And though it seems as if it could be constricting to wear more than one belt, you actually have total control over how tight you want the belts to be, so be sure and clasp them a size looser so you can eat and breathe!

3 Styling Tricks That Show Off Your Waistline via @GirlWithCurves #style #fashion #stylingtips
Pair a Solid Skirt with a Striped Top

If you still think horizontal stripes make you look wider, this combo will prove you wrong. When you pair them with a high-waist, full skirt in a solid color like white, they can actually help to make your waist look smaller! The horizontal stripes visually act as a belt, showing off your waistline and curves. Another iteration is wearing a dress with horizontal stripes up top and vertically aligned stripes on the bottom — the same visual trick, but played out in a totally different wardrobe piece.

3 Styling Tricks That Show Off Your Waistline via @GirlWithCurves #style #fashion #stylingtips
Try a Ruffled Skirt

As you know, I never shy away from a good set of ruffles, and a tiered ruffle skirt is no exception. A statement-making piece on its own, it’s also sleek when paired with a slim top tucked into it. The ruffles add volume in the most flattering places and visually cinch your waist to show off your curves. The next time you’re shopping for a simple black skirt, add an elegant, ruffled version to your arsenal!

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