Dear Diary,

Since I was born, I have been a fat person. I am always the fattest among my friends, in my family, at work. When I had my first period my body began to change. I started to gain more weight little by little. In recent years, my weight has been increasing and many times I feel tired of fighting a battle that I have never won. 

Here in Colombia, women are small in stature and small in body. I am size 14 and here, it means to be an obese person. People usually refer to me as the fat girl.

I hate that people come to give me magical ideas of how to lose weight. I may not be as big as other girls or as small as other girls, but I also feel insecure and attacked by others because of my weight. I hate that my body, my butt, even my big hands are the topic of conversation. 

I am a totally healthy woman, and my doctor sees that my results are good, but still all that matters is the weight. I wish there will come a time where women and men who are not thin, have a space to breathe and love ourselves.


The Fat Girl

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