Be Gentle with Yourself
If you’re in a constant state of stress, it can take some time to get accustomed to feeling a sense of self-love. So, ease into it. Even if you’ve been putting off self-care for a while, avoid negative self-talk around the subject, such as badgering yourself for not taking time out in the past, and give yourself permission to explore what you want your “me” time to look like. To start, it may be just a few minutes alone each day, or treating yourself to a long bath once a week, and that’s enough to get the ball rolling.

Start Moving
Being active is not only good for your overall level of fitness, it also helps to regulate your stress hormones, and a physical declaration that you want to better yourself. Every time you push your body to do something you didn’t think it was capable of and you accomplish it, it's another step in the direction of self-love and even higher self-confidence.

Make Unplugging a Ritual
Setting up an “unplugging” ritual is a great way to re-ground yourself on a daily basis. This could be as simple as having 10 minutes before everyone else wakes-up to make a cup of tea and write out your intentions for the day, or a longer routine, like mentally unplugging at the end of the day.

Commit to Better Sleep
Deep, uninterrupted sleep can be hard to come by for some people (especially new moms, like me!), but figuring out how to make it work has major payoffs, including better mood, higher energy, and less cravings for unhealthy foods throughout the day. (Here are my tips for catching better Z’s, if you haven’t seen it.) Like everything on this list, building a solid sleep regimen is a process — but one that will make you feel more present for everything and everyone in your life.