While some people do actually have naturally flawless skin, most of us need to put in a little extra work to make sure our complexions are fresh and blemish-free. I recently shared the simple beauty rules I live by, but I’ve found the best formula for achieving perfect skin is to start off my day with habits that address skin issues from the inside out.

Here are some of the things I do every single morning to keep my complexion looking great all day long – proof that the little things really do add up!

5 Things to Do Every Morning for Healthy, Radiant Skin via @GirlWithCurves
1. Eat Breakfast
Skipping the first meal of the day not only messes with your metabolism, it can also make your skin look dull. To get glowing skin, opt for a breakfast that’s rich in antioxidants and fiber, like oatmeal or chia pudding with blueberries, or add antioxidant powder to your green juice or smoothie if you’re in a rush.
2. Drink Enough Water
Chapped lips are a telltale sign you’re not properly hydrated, but dehydration can show in more subtle ways, too, like fine lines and breakouts. To detoxify your visage and make it visibly more supple, be sure to drink a bunch of water right when you wake up and continue to hydrate throughout the day. If you have trouble drinking enough water throughout the day, here are some of my favorite fruit-infused water recipes.
3. Cleanse
Even if you’re running late, it’s important to wash your face before you put on your makeup. I've been using the Dove Beauty Bar since I took the 7-day challenge in March and it's done wonders to keep my skin hydrated, especially now that I'm expecting and my skin is very dry and broken out. Not only is my skin more radiant, but I can see and feel a major difference in texture and tone. Even some premium cleansing soap bars can strip skin of its essential nutrients, but with ¼ moisturizing cream and a unique blend of mild cleansers, the Dove Beauty Bar maintains skin’s appearance and provides soft, smooth, healthy-looking skin in just 7 days, proving superior care that other premium cleansing soap bars do not. Be sure to finish your cleansing routine with a mild toner.
4. Moisturize
Lock in the moisture from your cleansing regimen by immediately applying a skin-strengthening serum and moisturizer. They’ll create a base layer that protects your skin from the elements and keep it supple all day long.
5. Apply SPF
I can’t stress the importance of regular sunscreen application enough! Don’t leave home without putting a lightweight SPF of at least 30 on under your makeup. You’ll be thankful that it helps prevent fine lines, sun spots, and potentially dangerous cellular damage later on.

Thanks to Dove for our continued partnership celebrating the diversity of beauty.#DovePartner