All-Weather Boots
As much as I love a beautiful shoe, prioritizing function over fashion is a MUST when the weather gets bad. But that doesn’t mean you have to wear unstylish shoes! There are actually some sleek, streamlined boots out there that look cute and protect your feet from the elements, like the one's below. Opt for styles that hit above your ankle and have some kind of tread and protective lining, so your feet stay warm and dry, even if you have to trudge through the sludge.
Heattech Under Layers
I love the look of a black turtleneck under sweaters and on its own, so adding one that’s made for winter weather to my wardrobe was a no-brainer. Every winter, I stock up on HEATTECH basics, which are designed to turn your body’s moisture into heat and retain it so you stay even warmer. The turtlenecks come in several flattering colors and a few different thicknesses, depending on how much extra warmth you need.
On extra cold or snowy days, regular leggings will feel like sheer stockings when you wear them outside. Add a thick pair of fleece-lined or heattech leggings to your arsenal — designed for low temperatures, they provide a solid barrier against the cold and can even be worn under jeans on cold days.
A Sleek Raincoat
Top it all off with a streamlined raincoat in a statement color that works well with the rest of your wardrobe. I also have a long black one that goes with everything, for days when I’d rather keep things simple — plus, the dark color won’t show any water or mud splashes you may encounter in transit. To make sure the coat allows layering underneath, size up a bit to accommodate a thick sweater, cardigan, or even another coat or puffer jacket.
Sturdy Umbrella
Toss out all those wimpy umbrellas you’ve picked up at the drugstore over the years and invest in a sturdy, all-weather umbrella that can actually withstand a strong gust of wind. The last thing you want to be doing in a storm is wrangling an umbrella that’s flipped inside out! Get a neutral color like black, gray, or clear plastic, which will go with every outfit.