You’re probably familiar with the more common uses of Vaseline, such as using it to moisturize your skin and lips. But as it turns out, there are so many other ways you can use it in your beauty routine and everyday life!

Vaseline is non-comedogenic, which means it won’t clog your pores so it’s safe to use on the skin and face. It’s also inexpensive and comes in several jar sizes, making it easy to store containers everywhere from your medicine cabinet, beauty drawer and any size handbag. Plus, you can find it almost anywhere, including the grocery store.

I’m not ashamed to admit I carry Vaseline 24/7, and I promise after you read through my top 7 uses for it below, you will too!


Girl With Curves blogger Tanesha Awasthi shares how to use Vaseline to Define and Moisturize your lashes.


Vaseline is extremely moisturizing for the skin, and it’s just as great for your hair, including eyelashes! To keep lashes healthy and moisturized, apply vaseline every so often on days you skip mascara.

To make your lashes look instantly thicker, rub a little Vaseline on your bare lashes. I like doing this during travel since I don’t wear makeup in-flight, so it helps open my eyes up a bit and makes me feel polished while barefaced.



Inner thigh chafing is the worst, so protect your skin by smoothing a little Vaseline onto the area in order for legs to glide smoothly past each other without friction.

7 Ways to use Vaseline by Girl With Curves


Accidentally smudged a little foundation or lipstick on your collar? No problem- just apply vaseline to the stain, then rub it out with a wet washcloth before tossing it in the wash.



Smoothing a little vaseline over your strands help keep frizz at bay and disguises split ends. But use it sparingly- too much can make your hair appear oily, so use a light hand during application.

Girl With Curves blogger Tanesha Awasthi using Vaseline as highlight


Using a highlighter is a little out of my comfort zone, so I like to dab a little Vaseline on my cheekbones instead. It’s got just the right amount of shine to keep my glow looking natural and not overdone.



Strangely enough, Vaseline can soothe those annoyingly itchy bug bites and skin rashes, including diaper rash! I encourage you to carry a travel size container in your carry-on the next time you travel to the woods or someplace tropical. Mama’s of babies and toddlers, I recommend adding one to your diaper bag.

7 Ways to use Vaseline by Girl With Curves


To fake a fresh pedicure, I apply Vaseline to my cuticles, toes and heels every night.

For an extra moisturizing effect, apply a liberal amount all over and sleep with your socks on.