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A common question I’ve been asked over the years is how I learned to pose for pictures. So today, I’m sharing my tips for becoming more confident in front of the camera!

Let me start off by saying I’m not a model. While I had a short stint as a model as a kid and again in college, I could never truly get comfortable with strangers taking my picture. It was only through this blog that I started to truly feel comfortable being photographed by my husband Dave, which took time. Even now, when I’m being photographed by someone other than him, I use these tricks to appear much more comfortable than I actually am! (For example, this set of images shot during a video shoot I did for a brand back in March in NYC).

Like everything in life, the key is to practice! Here are 5 of my tips for becoming more photogenic:

Practice in the mirror
You'll definitely feel a bit silly doing this at first, but practicing your facial expressions and poses in a mirror is a great way to get a sense of how you look from different angles on camera. If there’s a particular pose you’ve seen another person do that you like, try it out for yourself and make adjustments until it feels right for you.
Create angles with your body
Instead of squaring your face and body to the camera, which can look a little too stiff and unnatural, position yourself at a slight angle to create more interesting and flattering shapes with your body. For example, if you’re sitting, cross one of your legs over the other. If you’re standing, bend one knee a little bit or cross your feet at the ankles.
Show some emotion
It’s no surprise that people respond most to photos that display real emotion. Just think of how moving a single image can be! So if you're smiling, always make it appear genuine (even if it’s not) by laughing so it appears candid. If you're serious, “smile” with your eyes so you don't look like a deer in headlights.
Know your good side
No one's face is completely symmetrical and most people have a side they prefer. Take a look in the mirror and past photos of yourself to figure out which side you like best. Then, make an effort to angle your face or body so that particular side is forward whenever you’re in front of the camera.
Be camera-ready
If I know I'm going to be photographed, I typically wear a little more makeup so my skin glows and my eyes pop (for example, I may choose a heavier foundation and a little white eyeliner). Wearing a bright lip color is another great way to make your features stand out on camera. Bare and super dark lips can make your complexion look washed out, so steer clear of them unless you already know they work well with your photographed skin tone.