No matter how much you practice self-love and body positivity, all of us have days when we just need a quick style fix to make us feel a little more comfortable and confident. Sometimes that means finding ways to smooth out your tummy, while others, that may mean finding ways to cover your arms.

Below are 4 of the most common styling questions I’ve been asked over the years, and how to solve each one.

I’ve had to wrestle with each of these scenarios myself, so I have firsthand experience trying these hacks. Trust me, they work!

To conceal a tummy…
4 Common Style Questions, Answered Via @GirlWithCurves #style #tips

Wear an A-line, peplum or fit-and-flare silhouette that highlights your your natural waistline and conceals your lower half. These shapes create a flowy silhouette that conceals the entire tummy and hip area, only revealing the size and shape of your upper half, while leaving the rest to the imagination.

To cover your arms when it’s hot out…
4 Common Style Questions, Answered Via @GirlWithCurves #style #tips

Try a blouse with sheer, long sleeves or lace. You’ll keep the cool air circulating in your arm area while still maintaining a light, breezy look that’s feminine and weather appropriate.

To wear spaghetti straps without showing too much skin…
4 Common Style Questions, Answered Via @GirlWithCurves #style #tips

Try a long sleeve blouse, fitted tee or turtleneck underneath! One of my favorite combinations is a spaghetti strap dress with a high-neck blouse. It creates a one-of-a-kind look that’s head-turning, looks great on everyone, and allows you to modestly wear spaghetti straps without revealing too much skin.

To wear trendy, oversized anything, without adding bulk to your frame…
4 Common Style Questions, Answered Via @GirlWithCurves #style #tips

Belt it! And wear it with a skinny silhouette on bottom, like leggings or skinny jeans. This works for tops, sweaters, coats and even ponchos, because it shows off your natural waistline and keeps the overall look feminine and classic.