In the fashion world, a head-to-toe black ensemble has long been considered a chic go-to uniform. In real life though, it can sometimes look boring if you don’t put a little extra effort into making it special.

I personally love the confident vibe of an all black outfit, so over the years, I’ve figured out how to make the monochromatic look work in any season.

Here are 4 ways to master an all black outfit this summer and seasons to come:

1. Mix textures and fabrics
A black tee and leggings combo is certainly comfy, but you’ll get way more mileage out of your look if you play with different textures and fabrics. For example, try a black knit top with faux leather leggings, or a soft, flowy blouse with jeans. While the pieces themselves are the same color, they’ll feel very different to the onlooker due to their different textures.
2. Create interesting shapes
When you dress monochromatically, it’s a great time to experiment with shapes. Wearing a single color suddenly allows interesting cuts to stand out, as they’re not competing with other hues or patterns. Try a more exaggerated shape, like this bell-shaped top, with streamlined bottoms, like these black skinnies.
3. Break up the monotone look
The biggest risk of wearing all black is that your entire outfit can blend together visually if you don’t break it up a bit. My favorite way to do this is by strategically showing skin with an interesting neckline and open toe shoes or sandals like I did here.

4. Add a pop of color
Another great way to make your all black ensemble sing? Add a pop of color! A fun accessory like a bold head scarf, belt, or earrings is a perfect way to add extra interest to a single tone look.

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Eloquii c/o (wearing 14)
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