I shared this image of The Three Graces by Rubens on Instagram a few weeks ago because I was feeling extremely upset and annoyed with the current state of body image.

I’m always so fascinated by art that portrays women exactly as most of us are – soft bellies, back rolls, cellulite…and baffled by the fact that photoshop and retouching threatens all forms of beauty in its natural, true form.

Altered images make us think it’s unacceptable to look like the body’s in this image, when in fact, this is exactly how the vast majority of women in the world actually look!

It was this very post, which received an outpour of commentary, that instantly made me realize something important: topics like these should be shared with the entire GWC community – not just on social media – because they matter. So without further ado, I’m excited to bring you the first of many thoughtful quick reads.

Body Image today vs. 2017

The Three Graces by Rubens


These women certainly didn’t have issues owning their gorgeousness and being confident enough to pose for artists back in the 1630s, so what’s with today’s outlook on size and beauty?