(Plus Size Jumpsuit) Tanesha Awasthi of GirlWithCurves.com
Tanesha Awasthi of GirlWithCurves.com


These are the $26 capri Spanx I wore underneath this jumpsuit to smooth everything out.

I also wear this cami under everything- partially because I feel naked without a cami and partially because cami’s allow clothing to fall nicer, without as many lumps or bumps vs wearing actual shapewear.

Lastly, this is the Cafe Mocha/nude tone bra I wore, which looks great underneath everything, provides great shape and support.

(Plus Size Jumpsuit) Tanesha Awasthi of GirlWithCurves.com (Plus Size Jumpsuit) Tanesha Awasthi of GirlWithCurves.com (Plus Size Jumpsuit) Tanesha Awasthi of GirlWithCurves.com (Plus Size Jumpsuit) Tanesha Awasthi of GirlWithCurves.com

Jumpsuit (true to size, wearing 16)

Shapewear (wearing size D)

Cami (wearing size XL- should be worn fitted)


Shoes (true to size/ultra comfy, wearing size 12)

similar Silver Chain Box Clutch

similar Stud Earrings

Ralph Lauren bangles and Pandora bracelet

Lipstick (Rebel)

Happy New Year!

This year, I plan on challenging my personal style a bit more- taking risks with silhouettes I don’t typically wear, like this jumpsuit. (I also have plans underway to expand content in a major way, now that I’ve built a small team. We’re excited for all the projects and posts we’re planning in the coming months and can’t wait to share everything with you all)!

It’s isn’t easy finding a jumpsuit that fits a curvy frame, let alone a tall one, but low and behold, it seems like every single one I’ve tried on in the past couple of weeks fits like a glove! This one is my latest fave I wore out for dinner the other night, ringing in the New Year a bit early. (Note: The subtle pleats in the tummy area are extremely forgiving! My stomach is nowhere near as flat as it was prior to having my son, and I looked and felt slim in this- which shocked me, because I find jumpsuits very unflattering on me, but this one is amazingly flattering. The fabric has lots of stretch and the frill sleeve is a bonus, which to me makes it irresistible).

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