I’ve tried loads of curly hair products through the years, but these are the one’s I constantly come back to, to tame frizz and help my curls stay moisturized.


Shampoo, Conditioner and Detangling

I shampoo my hair once per week using L’Oréal Intense Repair Shampoo and rinse with warm water, followed by L’Oréal Intense Repair Conditioning Masque.  To detangle, I comb the conditioning masque through my hair with a wide tooth comb, massage from scalp to ends for 3-5 minutes and rinse with cold water.

In-between weekly shampoos, I condition twice per week- every 3 days on average. Shampooing hair too often is drying, which promotes frizz and dullness. It takes my hair about a week to build-up oils and product residue, so shampooing once per week is sufficient.

While warm water opens the hair’s cuticle, allowing shampoo and conditioner to penetrate, cold water closes the cuticle and seals in conditioner, promoting moisture and shine.


Towel Drying, Applying Gel and Air Drying

After allowing my hair to towel dry for 5 minutes, I light-handedly apply Vital Care Mega Hold Gel from roots to ends, lightly coating large sections of hair at a time, being careful not to break up curls during application. 

After gel is applied throughout, I create a messy top knot using an Ouchless Hair Tie. (Click here to watch my short video on creating a messy top knot or here for a step-by-step tutorial via images).

After a couple hours of air drying in a top knot or bun, I let my hair down to complete the drying process.

To refresh my curls between washes, I add water to frizzy areas and apply a small amount of gel to reshape curls and minimize frizz.

Keeping hair tied up during half of the air drying process promotes voluminous roots- preventing curls from being weighed down at the root, compared to air drying while hair is down.

I prefer air drying over blow drying or diffusing, because air drying allows curls to take their natural shape without interference. Hair swells upon contact with water, and gel enhances curls, keeping them naturally intact.