OUTFIT DETAILS | Jacket (true to size, wearing 14) / Cardigan / Shirtdress (similar) / Jeans / Headband / Sunglasses (similar) / Tote / Flats (similar)

Narayan |  Long Sleeve / Jeans (similar) / Sneakers

Ever since Narayan could eat solid food, he’s been obsessed with strawberries, so when we found a farm where he could pick his very own, we set off to find it!

Gizditch Family Ranch isn’t your typical farm. Aside from seasonal fruit picking, they also make their own pies, jellies and honey, as well as a slew of other foods you can enjoy in their barn style dining hall. 

Narayan was so excited picking his favorite stwabewwies, he couldn’t resist eating them as we walked through the field. Luckily we had a bottle of water to wash them as fast as he could eat them (although the farmers told us they were completely safe to pick and eat without washing, as they use herbicide vs. pesticides).

If you’re in the Bay Area or anywhere near Santa Cruz, I highly recommend taking a trip to Watsonville to visit. It’s a great outing for the family, and the strawberries- along with the fresh apple pie and strawberry jam, was the best we’ve ever had.