1. The F Word slips into your vocabulary at least once a day.
Yep, I’m talking about… “frizz.” If you don’t use a t-shirt to dry instead of a towel, forget your satin pillowcase, or even breathe on your curls the wrong way, you could end up with some unruly, frizzy strands.
2. You have a love-hate relationship with humidity.
If you want major volume, humidity can be your BFF. But if you dread the F Word above, any trip into warm, moist environments means you need some major humidity hair care prep beforehand. Try a heavy gel (with mega hold but no crunch!) to keep your curls in tact - this one's my favorite!
3. Running out of conditioner is a huge deal.
Curly hair is super dry, so moisture is a must! I always have an extra bottle on hand in case I run out. This is the one I've used for years that always keep my curls looking and feeling amazing, along with monthly Kerastase moisture treatments in the salon.
4. Your hair is probably blocking someone’s view.
This is my husband’s favorite line at restaurants if we're eating with a group of people! Sometimes it's hard to see past my hair because it blocks his view. My solution? Always sit at the head of the table, front and center!
5. A bad cut is a really bad cut.
Let’s end on some real talk: A bad hair cut on curly hair is the worst! One bad chop takes forever to grow out in a natural shape again. For me, it's all about long layers — they keep my hair feeling lightweight and give it shape and movement.