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Let’s be honest: chafing isn’t sexy, but it’s an issue lots of us face, yet rarely discuss. Throughout the years, I’ve heard many solutions floating around my group of girlfriends: deodorant, vaseline, runner’s lube, body-glide, the list goes on. Recently though, I came across a solution that’s un-embarrassing, chic, affordable and sexy!

Bandelettes is a product that’s redefining the taboo topic of thigh chafing. The anti-chafing thigh bands are made of delicately crafted stretch lace that lightly wrap around thighs and create a barrier to prevent skin rubbing and chafing. They’re patented and trademarked, ultra comfy, and I can say from experience, they stay up all day without slipping or discomfort. The key to Bandelettes working their best is taking your thigh measurement with a flexible measuring tape, while standing. The company was kind enough to send me a couple pairs to try out, and I’m loving them!