Dear Diary,

I am obese and have been now for almost 5 years. The weight has crept up on me over the years and now I can’t stand to look at myself in the mirror.

Weight never used to be that much of an issue when I was in my early twenties, but now I just can’t seem to shed any pounds. I hate the way I look and it makes it worse when I’m out and can feel eyes looking at me with disgust and repulsion.

Even so called “friends” can’t seem not to comment on my weight gain. I had a skinny girl so horrified that I wasn’t able to finish a dessert when see could, and couldn’t quite believe I couldn’t finish. She had to reassure herself it was because she hasn’t eaten, even when I has said I had only had a coffee I was made to feel like a liar.

I just want to feel comfortable and un-judged in my own skin. I am not hurting anyone. I am just trying to find my own way.

Am I the only one who feels judge by others for the way they look?


Quietly Hopeful


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