Before I turned 21, I can remember anticipating each birthday with excitement. Then something happens once you turn 22, am I right? The years just seem to pile on like a ton of bricks and you feel weighed down by life — things you didn’t do, couldn’t do or are too afraid to do. 

I turned 38 yesterday, and I honestly think this is the first birthday ever that I’ve truly embraced getting older, wholeheartedly!

At 38, I consider every experience an opportunity to learn vs. good or bad. 

I finally feel at peace within myself, knowing that I’ve found my own definition of balance, when it comes to eating healthy while still thoroughly enjoying what I’m eating.

At 38, my body isn't perfect but it's mine.

It’s carried two healthy babies into the world, gets me through each and everyday, and for this I’m grateful.

I enjoy downtime, which is something I’ve struggled with for many years. In the past, if I wasn’t working I wasn’t happy, because time off meant I wasn’t working toward my goals. At 38, I know that downtime is a must, because it allows me to breathe, reflect, and most importantly, step away from the noise and just BE. (And I thoroughly enjoy letting TV shows take over my weekend! Currently watching Siren – a must if you’re mermaid obsessed like I am, This Is Us – major emotional rollercoaster everyone can relate to in some way or another, and SVU, of course!).

At 38, I recognize the importance of relationships like never before, and I know the one I have with myself sets the tone for how I prefer others to treat me.

I can’t say I love the physical effects of aging, but I do love the fact that they don’t bother me like they used to. I’m much more in-tune with my body than I’ve ever been, enjoying a new found love for stretching and yoga, which I hope to make more time for, because it feels amazing! 

At 38, my career is headed in the exact direction I want it to. I’m confident, in control, and the future is bright.

x Tanesha