Dear Diary,

Yesterday was pretty stressful. My brother’s girlfriend came to our team dart game. The team we were playing against had a really cute guy that I made eye-contact with. I was super excited to play that team for weeks because he’s on the team, but the whole time, he seemed infatuated with my brother’s girlfriend. She’s thin and pretty with long wavy blond hair.
I tried not to be jealous and focus on myself and what I have to offer. I was confident with my outfit and it showed. I also let people see how smart I am through my knowledge of history, which I often hide. Instead of paying attention to the fact that someone was “prettier than me,” I laughed, talked, and had a good time. I even played the piano a little after the game, and shocked everyone with how accomplished I was. I was glad I was myself.
Later after the game, I was thinking things over…Even if I never get to actually talk to that cute guy, I know that he saw the real me, and if he doesn’t like what he saw, then I know he’s not worth liking.
A curvy teenager
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