The moment I found out I was pregnant with Narayan, I started researching shampoos, body washes, diapers and any product that could potentially cause skin irritation. Probably not the first thing most expectant moms do, but the fact that Dave has extremely sensitive skin, along with my own battle with acne from the age of twelve through my late twenties, chances were our baby would have sensitive skin too, and wow was I right! Since birth, Narayan’s been prone to dry, itchy skin, rashes, hives and mild eczema, so good thing I got a head start in the baby skincare department. 

In the very beginning, I was buying sensitive versions of everything I could find, from diapers and wipes to any product that would come into contact with his skin, including mine and Dave’s laundry detergent, not just Narayan’s. It was really stressful – especially when the products that claimed to be ultra sensitive didnt work for him. Luckily, conversations with friends and fellow parents, pediatricians and dermatologists,as well as good old fashioned trial and error helped me figure out what works best for my child.

Dove body wash has been our entire family’s go-to for years, so when I heard the brand was launching a range of baby care products  Baby Dove   that goes beyond mildness to replenish essential moisture and nutrients in baby’s skin, I couldn’t wait to put it to the test! 

In the past, Narayan’s skin was often left with dry patches and he suffered frequent itching, especially in the winter months, no matter what products he used. Baby Dove has two ranges: Rich Moisture and Sensitive Moisture, which are hypoallergenic, pediatrician and dermatologist tested and appropriate for all skin types. After searching high and low for the best skincare solution for Narayan, I’m happy to report that the Baby Dove Rich Moisture Tip-to-Toe Wash and Rich Moisture Lotion leaves his skin ultra smooth to the touch and he never complains of being itchy, like before.

As a parent, it’s so frustrating to see your child uncomfortable, especially when you can’t seem to find the right solution. The best way to care for your baby is your way, and right now I’m loving how Baby Dove has helped Narayan’s sensitive skin. 

How To Care for Your Little One's Sensitive Skin via @GirlWithCurves

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