5 Easy Ways To Be Healthier via @GirlWithCurves #health #wellness #GirlWithCurves
Don't skip breakfast

Nutritionists frequently say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That’s because a healthy, well-balanced meal early in the day gives your metabolism the boost it needs to get off on the right foot, and that energy will prevent you from crashing during the first half of the day AND reaching for unhealthy foods because your brain tells your body its starving! Don’t know what to eat? Here are some of my favorite healthy breakfasts that are quick and easy to prepare. Another option I recently incorporated into my daily diet is granola - french vanilla and almond eaten as cereal with soy milk is delicious!

5 Easy Ways To Be Healthier via @GirlWithCurves #health #wellness #GirlWithCurves
Drink plenty of water

Dehydration often masquerades as hunger, so before you reach for a snack, make sure you’re fully hydrated. Drinking the right amount of water each day can help prevent you from overeating past what your body actually needs to feel full. Here are some of my favorite fruit-infused water recipes that help when you're bored of plain old H2O.

5 Easy Ways To Be Healthier via @GirlWithCurves #health #wellness #GirlWithCurves
Reduce stress

Raise your hand if you’re guilty of mindlessly snacking when you’re stressed out, tired, or nervous? I certainly do it! Whether it’s through meditation, penciling in some weekend trips, or a 10-minute walk during your lunch break,reducing stress can help you curb impulses to reach for food when you want to feel comforted and calm.

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5 Easy Ways To Be Healthier via @GirlWithCurves #health #wellness #GirlWithCurves
Improve your sleep quality

This tip is really linked to the last one — because when you sleep better, you most definitely reduce your overall stress levels! Here are my tips for catching better Z’s, if they seem out of reach.

5 Easy Ways To Be Healthier via @GirlWithCurves #health #wellness #GirlWithCurves
Embrace healthy food alternatives

It’s important to remember that even the smallest changes can benefit your health in a big way. Dave and I started replacing lettuce with spinach, and now we put spinach in all of our smoothies as well! It packs a ton of nutrients without affecting the overall taste of your food.