While I love wearing my hair down, I typically only wear it that way the day it’s freshly washed and frizz free. On day two and three after washing – and whenever I’m cooking, cleaning or running errands, pulling my hair back is a must, which calls for styles that are cute, comfy and most importantly fuss-free.

Here are 4 of my go-to hairstyles:

4 Quick and Easy Fuss-Free Hairstyles via @GirlwithCurves


I love a ponytail at the crown. It’s classic, looks great on everyone and only takes a few seconds to accomplish.

These no-slip ponytail holders are great for this style.

4 Quick and Easy Fuss-Free Hairstyles via @GirlwithCurves


Aside from this being my most frequently worn style on my list, it’s also my daily go-to while working out, cooking dinner, or spending time with Narayan. There’s nothing like an easily achievable messy top bun to get your hair out of the way and still feel put together.

These snag-free hair ties work wonders for this style, especially if you have thick hair.

4 Quick and Easy Fuss-Free Hairstyles via @GirlwithCurves


While you can pair a headband with any of these styles, adding one to a top knot is by far my favorite way to disguise frizz (and add personal style to this look) on day two and three after washing!

This knotted headband is my current fave.

4 Quick and Easy Fuss-Free Hairstyles via @GirlwithCurves


Not only is this my wear with a fancy dress hairstyle of choice, it’s also great for showing off a pair of statement earrings and perfect for days when a top knot just isn’t comfy enough.

These hair ties are perfect for this style.

 Click here for a tutorial of these styles.