Common Makeup Product Expiration Dates

Mascara / After 3 months

Liquid and gel eye liner / After 3 months

Cream, liquid, and stick foundations and concealers / After 6 months

Oil-free foundation / After 1 year

Cream eye shadows and blushes / After 12 to 18 months

Pencil eye liner / After 2 years

Powder blush, bronzer, and eye shadow / After 2 to 3 years

Lipstick, gloss, and lip pencils / After 2 to 3 years


Some other things you can do between your beauty bag check-ins, to make them more efficient + help your products last longer:

  • Avoid using your fingers to apply products, because any bacteria on your hands will go directly into the product and can potentially turn into something dangerous for your eyes or skin. Instead, use regularly cleaned makeup brushes (or mini spatulas, if you have cream products). 

• Skip the eye makeup or lip products if you’re sick, have an eye infection, or a cold sore. The bacteria your brushes pick-up during application goes right back into the product and can cause another flare-up of whatever ailment you were battling.
  • Smell your products when you buy them so you have a basis of comparison for figuring out if they’ve gone bad. For example, mascara develops a chemical smell when it’s degrading or contaminated.
  • Double check the expiration dates on natural makeup products, as the ingredients they contain may degrade more quickly due to not containing preservatives. If you don’t see an expiration date on the label, do a quick Google search or even reach out to the brand directly to find out if it’s still in the safe-to-use zone.
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