Shower caps that fit over all of my hair are few and far between, so this one’s my trusted fave. (The leopard print is an added bonus)!

I can’t express how much I love these Nail Polish Remover Petals.  It takes just one petal to take off all the polish on both hands, it’s super clean compared to the old school remover and cotton ball method, and they’re scented, without the dizzying smell of acetone.

When I discovered this oil burner years ago, it replaced all of my scented candles. The oils that go with it are light enough to keep burning for hours without over powering a room, but they linger just enough, leaving my home smelling any way I want it to, depending on my mood. (My fave scent is a mix of 3 drops of Exotic oil and 2 drops of Mandarin oil).