This year is literally flying by and I can’t believe Minnie is just a few days shy of 6 months old! She’s getting more confident by the day, and it’s been so fun watching her learn and grow during this phase. She’s already sitting up on her own, loves to conversate, saying “ba-ba” and “ma-ma,” enjoys watching her big brother build things, and has to pet Kingston every time he trots through the room! She, too, loves working with her hands, playing with anything that sings or makes noises, and is already showing signs that she’s obsessed with clothes like I am, constantly reaching out for anything frilly and girly, especially ruffles!

As a busy mom, I’m constantly looking for ways to spend time with her while also getting chores done around the house. One of my favorite evening activities is singing and playing while I’m sorting and folding laundry. She loves playing peek-a-boo with her blankets and rolling around with all of her stuffed toys, which have to be washed often because they typically end up on the floor during playtime! To me, it’s valuable bonding time I wouldn’t otherwise get if I wasn’t involving her.

I used Dreft to prewash Minnie’s baby clothes before she arrived home from the hospital, just like I did Narayan’s, and I still use it on her clothing, bedding and stuffed toys today! The brand recently introduced Dreft purtouch, a 65% plant-based baby detergent that’s formula free of dyes, chlorine and more. It not only has a light touch of the iconic Dreft baby fresh scent I love, it’s also hypoallergenic so it’s great for Minnie’s sensitive skin, it’s super gentle on clothing and it removes 99% of baby food stains, which us mamas know is ultra important when it comes to detergent! (Right now, Amazon is offering $2 off on Dreft purtouch, on your first subscribe and save order, here).

Another fun little fact: When she’s away with my mom during the day while I’m working, I often smell her blankets when I miss her because the smell of Dreft reminds me of her! I always thought this was my own quirky mama habitbut I recently learned there’s actually new research that shows that the smell of babyhood is a real thing! Dreft even did a survey, finding that 8 out of 10 parents feel that using Dreft makes them feel more bonded and connected with their baby, especially when they’re apart, and over 90% of parents agree that Dreft is an essential baby-care item. To be honest, I could smell Minnie’s laundry all day— and luckily, because she still has a lot more of this baby phase ahead of her, I’ll be able to for a while longer!





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