If there’s one fashion rule I live by, it’s that personal style is always in fashion.  No matter what the current trend, it’s important to stay true to your own, personal sense of style.  Instead of simply following trends, incorporate your own sense of style into the trend, making it your own take (or twist!) on the latest trends.


From time to time, I come across something that isn’t necessarily part of my typical esthetic.  That said, I’m really not a fan of animal print, but the blousey-ness and girly details of this leopard-print top won me over.


Another reason this top won me over, is what I call the length-factor.  (In case you haven’t noticed, I prefer my tops extra long- hip length is my fave!  Maybe it’s because I’m 5’10" and clothes are automatically too short, so my gravitation toward longer hem-lines is logical…or maybe it’s because a longer hem is simply more flattering on a curvy frame…Whatever the reason, this top also had the length-factor going for it, so naturally, I bought it).

The moral of this story: it’s absolutely possible (and fun!) to incorporate trends into your own, unique sense of style.  By pairing a chunky, ethnic necklace and embellished belt, with a print I wouldn’t normally wear, I was able to adopt the trend into my wardrobe, without sacrificing my personal style.


Get this look:

Sweater: Forever 21 

Top: Forever 21

Jeans: New York & Company

Belt: Rampage 

Necklace: Jaipur, India