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I’ll be wearing more skirts and dresses as the weather warms up, so I’m getting my legs ready for all the extra attention. I’d love to say I have minimal hair on them naturally, but that’s not the case! I need to shave regularly just like everyone else – which can be tricky because my skin is super sensitive and ends up with major nicks and bumps if I don’t put some extra TLC into the process.

Over the years, I’ve learned some tips (often the hard way!) for how to make shaving quicker and less painful. I recently discovered Skintimate® Ultra Sensitive Shave Gel and it’s made getting my legs spring-ready even easier. It’s dye-free, hypoallergenic, and made specifically for sensitive skin like mine. Plus, I love the way my legs feel after I use it – they’re literally like silk!

How to get Ultra Smooth Legs for Spring via @GirlWithCurves

Here are some of my tricks for ultra smooth legs:


While you might be tempted to shave without water or shave gel, especially in a time crunch, it will only aggravate your skin and leave red streaks or bumps. Wait until you have a little more time to hop in the shower to hydrate your legs before taking a razor to them, and always use a shave gel to lather up – Skintimate® is my current fave. And with Skintimate®, you can see exactly where you have shaved and where you haven’t so you never miss a spot – no do-overs required!


Shaving at night will leave your legs even smoother than shaving in the morning. Why? Because your legs swell slightly while you sleep, which makes the just-shaved hair retreat back into hair follicles. It’s also best to wait five to ten minutes before shaving vs. immediately after getting into the shower or tub. This softens the hair and opens follicles, which lets you get a closer, cleaner shave without razor burn.


Shave down first, then up. On your first pass, you should always shave in the direction the hair grows. And if you have sensitive skin, like I do, don’t shave upward at all.

4. RAZOR 101

To avoid nicks and razor burn from a dull razor, replace every five to ten shaves. If you’re using a disposable razor, you may need to replace it even sooner.



Dress: Eloquii (wearing 14)

Earrings: Cristabelle

Bangles: Ralph Lauren

Shoes: Sam Edelman

Lipstick: MAC Fan Fare