I’ve always been a firm believer in wearing what you love over what’s “flattering,” but often times, we lack the confidence to wear a garment we like, due a set of worries associated with our bodies, peer judgement and “fashion rules.”

To help ease some of the style anxieties I’m often asked about overcoming, I put together a list of tips I hope will help boost your style confidence.

1. Forget the rules

“Fashion rules” are a thing of the past- which I hope is something you’ve learned from me and this blog, through my love of horizontal stripes, prints, bold color and skinny jeans! Wide hips, thick thighs and a belly pooch isn’t ever going to prevent me from wearing what I like, because wearing what I feel amazing in gives me confidence. So my advice to you is this: forget the rules, forget “flattering” and wear what you love.

Also, to anyone saving what they really want to wear for when they lose a few pounds or achieve their ideal size: don’t wait! Your life is happening NOW, and an important part of achieving confidence comes from embracing your body in whatever state it’s in right now. Besides, wearing what you feel good in boosts your confidence level as a whole, which I know firsthand, leads so many amazing things, so why not be true to yourself, your style, wear what makes you feel amazing and ready to take on the world?!

2. Create a uniform

I can’t stress enough how important this one is. Having a go-to outfit you can throw on and go with little thought is an absolute must, especially if you’re like me and you think you have nothing to wear, although your closet is bursting at the seams!  

I highly recommend your “uniform” consist of something between casual and dressy, so it works for most occasions (mine is a black blazer, white blouse, dark wash skinny jeans and classic pumps or flats). If your lifestyle or career ranges from casual to dressy, create two (or more) go-to looks you can reach for and feel amazing in on a moments notice.

3. Play up your faves

I don’t think there’s anyone in the world who loves every single part of their body, but we all have at least one favorite part, so play it up! Learning to play up the things you love will teach you to focus on the positive, which lessens thoughts and anxieties about the things you don’t want on display.

I love my waist, so highlighting it in a high waisted A-line midi skirt that also conceals my lower half helps me play up my fave part, while concealing the parts I don’t necessarily want on display. 

4. Declutter your closet

Holding onto clothes that don’t fit (or never did fit!) not only makes us feel horrible, it deters us from wearing things that fit well and look amazing. So don’t hold onto clothing that makes you feel bad, get rid of it!  

Donate it, do a clothing swap with friends, but whatever you do, don’t hold onto things that don’t fit or you don’t wear- clear the way for things that fit well!

5. Plan ahead

Getting dressed last minute is the biggest killer of personal style. Any great outfit takes time to put together, especially for a special occasion, interview or first date. So take your time trying things on, pairing things together and remember to take in how certain pieces of clothing make you “feel.”

I often plan my looks the night before, even if it’s just taking time to think about it and not try anything on, just to avoid the anxiety of rushing to get dressed in the morning. I also keep an inventory list of new items in my phone, to make sure they’re top of mind and aren’t forgotten during outfit planning. Another trick I use is hanging new items on a separate rack outside of my main closet, which forces me to look there first when planning outfits.

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5 Ways to boost your Style Confidence