I remember looking fondly at sleepwear in a catalog as a teen, wishing that one day I could wear pretty pajamas like they made to fit my petite bodied sisters and friends. I wanted silky ones, plaid ones, a cheesy onesie for Christmas morning- I wanted them all. I think the idea of being able to sleep in something as pretty as the clothing I also couldn’t fit into was most of the obsession, along with seeing how cute the women around me felt while wearing cute pajamas. Up until my late twenties, most of my sleepwear consisted of old P.E. uniforms and beat-up sweatpants, until the day finally came when a pair of pajamas not only fit, they helped me sleep sounder (no more tugging on my clothes in the middle of the night) and made me feel amazing!

That was two years ago, when the selection of sophisticated-chic sleepwear in larger sizes was still really limited. Fast forward to today and I not only get a good night’s sleep in my vast collection of pretty pajamas, I also lounge in them confidently on movie nights at home, as well as weekend mornings when I sometimes have the luxury of not getting dressed until noon! I think it’s the little things in life that make us feel more confident in ourselves, and I feel amazing in cute pajamas, which is why I think every girl should have at least one pair.

Girl With Curves lounging on a Restoration hardware bed, in Pink and Black pretty pajamas with matching Sleep Mask from Nordstrom


I love when a great pair of pjs serve their purpose, keeping me warm, comfy, confident and cute- this pink and black set does just that, complete with a matching sleep mask. 

Shop: Pajamas and Sleep Mask (size 1X-3X)

Shop: Pajamas and Sleep Mask (size XS-XL)