Dear Diary,

Most women hate certain body parts or being overweight in general, but I’ve come to terms with being big a long time ago. My issue is my eyebrows. It sounds so dumb… but I’ve always hated them. I grew up wanting to be a makeup artist and early on I realized my eyebrows were a problem. They are barely existent, very uneven and just plain ugly.

Eyebrows are supposed to frame your face, especially the world I live in doing makeup. Filling mine in to look decent takes so long that I get cramps in my hands every morning and being a mom, I just can’t afford to sacrifice this much time anymore. I’m embarrassed to admit how much my eyebrows effect my self-esteem.

I’m seriously considering microblading and have gotten several consultations, but for some reason I haven’t done it yet. I think I’m just afraid of the commitment of having one brow look for the next few years. At least when I fill them in I can switch up the color and shape if I want to. At this point I’m just frustrated with myself for complaining about how much I hate my brows, when there’s a fix right in front of me but I haven’t done it.


Ugly Eyebrow Girl

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